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Hot Dogs

World Famous Original, All-Beef or Polish? At Wienerschnitzel you have the choice of ordering a Hot Dog that is World Famous Original, All-Beef or Polish.

Chili Cheese Dog

Chili Cheese Dog is a grilled World Famous Original Hot Dog in a fresh, steamed bun with a slice of American cheese, topped with Chili sauce made from a secret recipe.

Chili Cheeseburger

A juicy 100% USDA all-beef hamburger patty grilled to perfection, topped with Wienerschnitzel’s world famous Chili sauce and a slice of American cheese served on a toasted bun.

Polish Sandwich

A spicy Polish dog is split and placed between two slices of warm rye bread, then topped with Swiss cheese, pickle spear and French's tangy mustard.

Soft Serve Cones

Creamy Tastee Freez Soft Serve served in a cone. You can have it Plain, with Sprinkles or dipped in Chocolate. You can have it Plain, with Sprinkles, or dipped in Chocolate.

Chili Cheese Fries

Golden brown French Fries topped with Wienerschnitzel's world famous secret recipe Chili, melted shredded cheddar cheese, Thousand Island dressing and grilled onions. Thousand Island Chili Cheese Fries come in regular and large sizes.

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